Saturday, May 28, 2011

An unplanned path around 1 Quarter of the World

This enormous journey is not only the marking of a life long dream about to be fulfilled. Its also a markation of the close to my Vienna chapter. How can I describe this feeling before I set out on my journey.

Well Emir finishing his exam, packing all our stuff, packing the backpack (which I still havent finished), cleaning and painting the appartment, selling the car, and a few small logistic matters, all in one week. Sounds like a Marina thing to do. Poor Emir, however is not so used to this last minute type of fun.

But its almost underway now. Cant really fully understand whats about to happen. Just know I got a flight to Moscow. The rest feels like a dream. Its amazing though. You have an idea, a dream, a wish. You make the steps needed to get there. Start saving, buy travel guides, buy backpacks and sleeping bags, get visas, and vaccinations. Finally you buy a ticket. But all these things are just steps. You , or at least me, can not see the big picture. IM ABOUT TO RUN AWAY TO ASIA FOR A FEW MONTHS!! haha.. well, we'll see how I survive it. But its still fascinating that these things can just simply be done. You want something, and just start doing things without listening to the voices that might instill fear, worry, doubt, or whatever else. Im glad, and feel very lucky for my journey!

I hope its not more serious or dangerous than I imagine.

Today is Sunday. We are leaving Tuesday morning. The nervous butterflies in my stomach appear only twice a day for a few seconds. The night before? I imagine I won't sleep much :D

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Yev said...

Have fun! In chasing your dreams, you have been an inspiration to many, me especially. No doubt you will have the time of your life, and we cant wait to see you!
I know it may be hard, but please try to take at least a few pictures so we can see where you were... I love you! :)

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