Thursday, September 1, 2011

Censor THIS big Red...

Fuck Ulan Baatar, just have to say it. Im sorry mom and dad, ja znayu...ja gavaryu kak capozhnik!
But a bunch of animal criminals! Don't stay there!

But, now we are in China. Its like everyone here was brainstorming modernization ideas while they were squating in the toilets and thats why everything had been advanced.EXCEPT the damn toilets.

Crossing the border from Mongolia to China is surreal. You go from dirt to skyscrapers, from boiled old meat to Kung pau chicken. Roads, malls, high speed trains, lights flashing. What THE HELL happened to the bathrooms?? Why am I still peeing in a hole in the ground outside of my room? Did you guys NOT notice hygene while you were out coping the rest of the world?

It's really funny. China seems pretty much like they took the things they were producing and just started using it themselves without knowing what it's for and how to do it properly. For example fashion. They have nice copies. But they put together the most random things. Looks horrible.

There is a trend now here to wear contact lenses that are two times larger than your natural colored part, makes them look like vampires, but they think it makes their eyes look rounder... Nope... Just like your a vampire.

If theres something nice to see, you pay for it. Park? Pay. Statue? Pay. A square? Oh yea. Toilet? No, thats free, you can enjoy the free hole in the ground, but if you want toilet paper? Pay!

Google doesn't work. Facebook doesn't work. Youtube doesn't work. Freedom too does not work. Lonelyplanet China doesn't exist according to the government. If you want to travel China you can only go on the advice of....Theeeeee Governmennntttttty :D
Ting, shiny smile

But it's strange and we laugh all the time at how crazy things are. For example. Do you like your personal space? Well the chinese liked you're personal space too. And if you enter a super market they follow you, RIGHT, behind you (like you feel their breath on your neck), just in case you will have a question. And when you turn around to look at them, they stare with big hopeful eyes that you might ask them something.

The best are the shops that sell nothing. They are open right on a shoping street with just a table and some day men sitting around watching tv or just staring. With big posters behind them, like a panda and osama bin laden.

Girls don't shave their arm pits... Just saying.

Ok, long post again...hope you enjoyed. Can someone let me know if this posted, because my blog is also censored in china do I cannot go online to see if it's up.


DRestis718 said...

hahaha wow...I bet these holes smell amazing. If I ever go to China I'll be sure to BYOT(t.p. too)

Vroni said...

Du solltest dir unbedingt diese Kontaktlinsen kaufen. Steht dir bestimmt gut dieser Vampir-Look ;-)

Marina said...

haahahah...BYOT hahah thats a good one, and the t.p. you figure out AFTER your first trip out into the city, you DEF have to BYO it...

ich wurde die kaufen wen sie nicht so schlecht fuer die augen sind!! dass ist sehr traurig, sie machen alles "weiss" zu ausehen, und das heisst gesundheit ist uberhaupt unwihti ist!

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