Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The effects of seven eleven in a global economy

Seven eleven is an american chain which sells snacks and small toiletries and magazines among other things. It seems that Thailand is especially obsessed with this specific american oddity and has more of them in Bangkok than New York has starbucks. I kid you not.
So traveling for over six months now in some of the more underdeveloped and unsanitary countries of the world it appears that of all things seven eleven is the danger zone. Particularly their ham and cheese rolls.
After all this time, who would have thought that seven eleven of all places would be our demise and would give us severe food poisoning. And within a day of flying to Burma where I would have better luck becoming the next dictator before finding a decent hospital.
To make matters worse for me and funnier for you, is that as I was puking in Ayutthaya, a world heritage site, a fire ant somehow finds its way to my palm and bites me repeatededly in what I can only guess as an attempt to teach me a lesson for disgracing this ancient city. The bites result in a lack of movement in my hand, pain, muscle cramps and blistering. Not to mention a deep feeling of inferiority to an ant and shame. The train ride home was, well, a veeeerrry long one filled with several black outs and suicide thoughts.
So there you have it. I learned my lesson in trusting american grocery store chains in southeastern asia. And globalization.

I would love to post a picture, but amidst vomit and ant attacks, not a priority to tale a picture.

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