Saturday, May 17, 2008

Before I leave

So Saturday night.. excitement is you know I do nothing unless its last minute so tomorrow as usuall I will have EVERYTHING to do haha. But dont worry, I can check "create blog" off from the to-do list... phewww what a load off (no pun intended).

So I guess just getting familiar with this blog thing and setting it up for you guys.. i mean you need to be prepared for the best blog ever created in history!! This is serious... shits gonna hit the fan :) well.. when you guys finish checking your notifications on facebook and find yourself sitting at the desk, bored out of your gord..heres a thought to ease your delicate state of mind: you can always log into this blog and relish in the fact THAT I AM IN EUROPPEEE SUCKKAAAASSS hahah.. yea i said it!

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