Friday, May 30, 2008

Prague.. Pastels and sandstone

So Prague is beautiful as everyone has warned me.. quite a difference from the party essense of restless Greece. We can finally flush toilet paper, which you wouldnt understand how liberating it actually is until you stay in Greece for eight days! They have some weird traditions.
Its our third day here, we have already gotten a full tour of the city along with some info about its history. Today we walk to follow our own hearts intrigue. There are so many things to see, but we feel we need to see the Jewish Ghetto again and some of its Synogogues and its cemetary; we also want to see the Communism museum and then we're off for a second look at the Prague Castle and its Royal gradens. We've already seen a chapel where Royalty used to be married in.. WOW. hahah. makes me want to be Catholic for a second; but then we walked through the ghetto where on one day over 5000 Jews were killed for the hell of it. So then I remember why its not so cool to be Catholic haha.

As a side not I LOVEEEE the prague transportation system.. if you love the honor system but dont love honoring it, you'll LOVE Prague.. where EVERY trip is freeeeeee


Karmasitter said...

lol!! Honor it. Pat on shoulder.. "Good luck all Honor system"

Ah - I'm expecting some great castle photos. Talk about "King of the castle!"

Marina said...

hahaha... oh well there are SOME of those hahaha

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