Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow, ok.. so right now im in prague.. let me say thank you to those who have commented haha Fred way to make me laugh out loud and look like an idiot hahah... Raika spasibo balshoya ya tak obradavalas shto ti napisala.. and dave, PICK UP YOUR FONE SUKA!!! hahahha

PLEASE READ THIS>> ITS GOOD STUFF!! Take it one paragraph at a time, and leave comments :)

Upon arrival to our hostel in Athens we realized right then and there NOT to trust the words of this by "free internet and locker storage" they mean "we dont have any of those", by convenient location they mean "if you want to have number one prostitute in all of kozakstan" because it was junky town, REAL shady, but in athens i also learned that i appear to be a cat to the local men because they kept "ksss ksss kss-ing" at me... I even got a real deep and slow "MEOOOOWWW" once, was exciting! The jew change shape into cat! lol
The ruins were amazing though so it was worth it, got to see all important stuff in one whole day and on our own self-made tour. Athens deserves no more than one day, a couple we met actually walked around aimlessly for a whole day (about 12 miles) cuz they were so bored, AND IT WAS ONLY THEIR SECOND DAY!!! so the next day we decided to go off to mykonos.

Mykonos was pretty intense, we got a little bungalow on the beach for 5 euros a night - no electricity or bathrooms (have to walk for that) and it was actually pretty nice. Two things we learned: Mosquitos LOVEEEEE your ears, they love to buzz by them ALL night long, making sure to lull you to sleep ever so genly even through your ipod- o ipod can come between your ear and a mosquitos mission!
Second: it is ALWAYS awesome to think that you need to climb a cliff in order to get to this secluded beach only to find an hour later as your stiff hanging off a rock that there is a 5 min path that leads right to it about 10 feet away from where you are! GREAT!! we asked how to get to this beach and were told to find our way through the cliff, thinking this meant there was no ACTUALL way we decided to look for our own, an hour later we see a couple just strolling by without any cares as we're grasping the cliffsfor our lives and swetting perfusly!!! well it was def wworth it! Way to go Marian on the survival..
So in Mykonos they dont go out til 2:30 am and stay out til 8 am... breakfast gets served at 2 pm!! haha, so the beaches are empty til then :) but when the zombies start crawling out of their holes, the beach is amazing, blasting house musinc and spreading lounge chairs with silk fabric to shade the sun for those who still cant seem to open their eyes! We tried to keep this schedule, but having minimal beach time we stayed oout til about 5:30 and woke up at 9:30... BOTH DAYS.. we got a ride from the hostel oweners and workers and they showed us around the town.. we got in for free, and free drinks all music is amazing there- when it plays- otherwise you here a random mix of 80's music just to emphasize the eighties attire everyone wears GROSS>.. so you hear a sick beat and then you hear purple rain, NOT KIDDING- AT A CLUB!! lol...

Despite everyones disapproval we decided to go see other islands... Santorini was next..
the hostel was in town this time and only about 30 min from the beach.. luckily we hitched all the rides in this town thanks to yours truly! oh yea... no bus for this chick! The "black sand" beaches turned out to be not sand but rocks, hence the black part, but the water was sweet! A bunch of Albanians captured me and took to to a cliff to jump off of, and you know me, once im on a cliff theres only one way to get down! BY TAKING A PICTURE OF ME DOING SOMETHING AWESOME!! Marian managed to snap a few good shots through shaking hands and tear-blurred vision, haha sorry Mar' hahaha. Met some really cool people, and bartenders are crazy.. they all offer crazy wild sex, and after 400 offers we just stopped mixing with the locals and by the end of the last day hung out with kids from long island ahhaha... they said we're too old to be on facebook!! THAT WAS AWESOME!! theyre 21 btw.
We made it to Ioa which is a city known for its spectacular sunset.. and it was! Except for there was a bit of a seperation thing that happened, enough to cause some panic- but eventually it brought us closer and we're all alive!!

Ios was the last stop and unfortunatly we only had one and a half days to devote to it. This was truly the BEST island.. it was by far so overwhelming with beauty that i can only hope that you feel a fraction of it when i show you the pictures... Most of the time I just wanted to exist... not speak or think, but exist amoungst the buzzing and the chiming of the mountain. we rented quads and took the most scenic 1 hour drive to Homer's tomb which was by far more than we could have imagined to expect from a quad ride. We actually were stranded on a mountain top for 30 minutes because my quad stalled, and for the first time, as i was taking in the view, i didnt ming the buzzing of the bugs- im on their turf, their home, and i was welcomed Some people said they were disappoint because it wasnt Grand enough for them... if they knew anything they wouldnt expect St.Peter's cathedral... Homer died in times of B.C... he was a philosopher, not a king, and the peace that you feel and the aura that surrounds you surpasses what gold on marble can show you.. When you stand, alone, as the sun is setting to the far right, and the hills recite an orchestra of bells from every direction, you feel nothing less of grandeur! I wish we had stayed at this island longer!
The day that we were leaving we took one more drive in the opposite direction enjoyed some more awe0-insipring views and layout out on a beach left untouched just for us... all the lounge chairs in the world and no one to collect a fee :) we enjoyed the overbearing heat for no more than an hour and headed back with only an ounce of hope and on ounce of gas.. and there, with Homer's miracle we made it back to town (an hour and a half) on absolutely NO GAS! you know what they say, everytime marina makes in on an empty gas tank, an angel gets its wings hahaha

we're now in prague after an 8 hour ferry ride and a 4 hour flight and just finished breakfast! We are waitin for our tour to begin to see some of the city... please stay tuned for pictures on my facebook and for the LOVE OF GOD LEAVE COMMENTS


sorok2 said...

So where are those cliff diving pics!?

Last time I visited Myokonos we went to a nudie beach. All excited and stuff, but when we got there we realized it was a gay nudie beach - suddenly excitement went from us to them. ;)

Marina said...

They're coming haha.. watch for them in facebook within the next few days! I warn you, i dont look professional! haha.. thanks for reading

Karmasitter said...

I'm also quite satisfied to hear that you have not upset and local officials enough to give you a speeding ticket - speeding down the mountain. Good ol' should've taken any remains you could, even a jar of dirt, and keep that jar in your car in NYC to see if he can watch over you there as well.

The sunset atop the mountain definitely sounds amazing though. The feeling you described bout having no bothers in the world (even those pesky mosquitoes) sounds amazing.

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